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Food in BasketHave you ever wondered how eating got so complicated?  Somewhere in our quest to simplify, we have made health and nutrition into a science experiment.  What is commonly called “food” that lines grocery store shelves is full of preservatives, taste enhancers, chemical flavorings and colors, mold inhibitors, and on and on and on.  At life.unlabeled., we believe that food shouldn’t need labels.  An apple contains…an apple.  The only ingredient in rice should be…rice.  You don’t need an expiration label to tell when real food is no longer edible…you can see mold with your own eyes.  life.unlabeled. is here to help you learn the lost art of nourishing your body with natural, plant-based, nutrient dense, whole food.

In addition to the nutrients we put in our bodies on purpose, we must consider the substances that get into our bodies through our choices in cleaning and personal care products.  What we breathe and what soaks into our skin is just as important as what we eat.  Reading the ingredient labels and dire warnings that come on even most “natural” cleaning and personal care products makes one wonder why we ever bought into the idea of using it all.

Side EffectsRead some of your cleaner labels: “Use this product in a well-ventilated area.”  My bathroom doesn’t even have windows, but if it did, I’m pretty sure I wouldn’t think about opening them before scrubbing the toilet.  Read your toothpaste label: “If you swallow too much, contact poison control immediately.”  Awesome.  Why exactly should I be putting something in my mouth that is dangerous to swallow??  The thing is, most of the ingredients in our cleaning and personal care products have not been tested for safety at all and have limited historical use, so it’s hard to know specifically what damage they are causing.  There are other options.  Look around the site for some simple, effective ways to live a healthy life.unlabeled.


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