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luxurious herbal facial steam.

Herbal Facial Steam

In the middle of all of life’s craziness, some days you just want to feel like a princess. Your stress level is a little high, your skin is dry and dull, and a little extra pampering never hurt anyone, right? Give your skin (and yourself) a little treat with a luxurious herbal facial steam. Continue reading

how to treat a cold.

how to treat a cold

It seems like everywhere I’ve been lately someone’s talking about how they just can’t seem to get rid of the cold they keep passing around. It’s been awhile since we’ve had to deal with a cold or flu around here. I like to attribute that to health that begins at the cellular level as our bodies are nourished and strengthened with nutrient-rich, plant-based, whole foods. You can read more about what I have to say about the building blocks of a vibrant life and how to boost the immune system if you are interested. But…while I can safely say we haven’t been sick beyond the sniffles around here for at a couple of years (really!), once in awhile something is bound to get the better of us when our defenses are down. So what do you do when you get sick? (1) Sit back and wait for it to pass? Hope you’re patient. (2) Take over-the-counter “remedies” to suppress the symptoms? Good luck with the next batch of germs for which your body is now ill-equipped to fight. OR (3) Give your body a helping hand but let it do the job it was created to do?  NOW we’re on to something. Continue reading

healthy habits – drink more water.

drink more water

Perhaps one of the most frequently overlooked and undervalued recommendations for good health is to drink more water. I suppose the fact that it is such a simple substance makes it seem inconsequential. We all know we need to drink water – and most of us know the standard recommendation to drink 8 glasses a day, but I am quite confident that people who are actually sufficiently hydrated are still in the minority. We may not be so dehydrated that we need to be hospitalized, but our bodies are certainly not operating under prime conditions.

Why Do You Need to Drink Water?

According to Know Your Body – The Atlas of Anatomy by Emmet B. Keeffe, M.D. (2001), the body is made up of approximately 70% water overall, with certain tissues, such as the brain, containing as much as 85% water. Water makes up 80% of the body’s blood, which of course is responsible for transporting nutrients throughout the body. Water is therefore instrumental in the proper and effective functioning of every system of the body: the circulatory, digestive, excretory, and musculo-skeletal systems to name a few. Without water, blood circulation is compromised and we become lethargic, we get headaches, we don’t think as clearly. Without water, we become bloated and constipated and toxins are not properly eliminated from the body. Without water, muscles and joints become stiff and prone to injuries and inflammation.

In spite of the obviously essential need to drink sufficient amounts of water, various studies (1 & 2) show that 10-24% of the American population does not drink plain water at all and the majority of the remainder do not drink enough. It’s really no wonder that so many of us have chronic “little problems” when we don’t properly supply our bodies with the one thing that they are mostly made up of: WATER.
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how to eat gluten again.

In my early 20s I began suffering from almost daily migraines.  I visited medical doctors, physical therapists, chiropractors, acupuncturists.  Anyone who might be able to help.  The only problem is, it never got any better.  I got some temporary relief, but it never lasted or truly improved.  When I visited a naturopath who tested for food sensitivities, I found out why.  I was continually aggravating the situation by eating gluten.  Headaches were my body’s way of telling me it couldn’t handle gluten.  No matter what I did to make the headaches go away, the source remained.  I quit eating gluten and never looked back.  It really wasn’t a difficult sacrifice.  Eat gluten or live pain free.  Take your pick.  For about five years I avoided gluten like the plague – checking everything I ate to be sure I wasn’t going to “poison” myself.  One little accidental bite would do me in.  I’d be stuck on the couch for at least a full day, and suffer the “aftershock” of the migraine for several more.  No cookie was that good.

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how to boost the immune system.

Pathogenic germs are here to stay.  In spite of efforts that began with Louis Pasteur to eradicate them from the face of the planet, we still come in contact with and must fight off infections and illness.  The good news is these “encounters” give our immune systems some exercise.  The bad news is sometimes they get the better of us.  If you lead a health-conscious lifestyle, you will be pleasantly surprised how little you notice your immune system hard at work.  However, when you do start to feel a little run down, there are some very effective natural options to give your immune system a nutritional helping hand.

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