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Some Day Starts Today

Yoga. Pilates. Aerobics. Zumba. Crossfit. There are a lot of ways to get your body moving. When I was a little girl I had “Get In Shape Girl” cassette tapes and I would dance around my room pretending to be the instructor. I’m guessing you’re not interested in twirling around the room to an 80s-era children’s exercise routine, but whatever your style, move you must. Our bodies were designed for movement. Modern culture has developed such that movement is not always a required part of our daily routine, but it is no less necessary. Bodies that don’t move become bodies that can’t move. Movement in one form or another stretches tight ligaments, muscles, and joints and releases tension – both physio- and psychological. So unless you still live a life without modern transportation and filled with manual labor, you need to find a way to move a little more each day. Your exercise routine doesn’t have to have a label…sorry, I couldn’t resist . You don’t need a gym membership or even any equipment. Go for a walk. Chase your kids around the backyard. Explore different routines and find what energizes you. Learn some basic moves from various exercise programs and use them to help you get moving throughout the day.

Need some help getting started with a routine? I thought you’d never ask… If you’ve been meaning to exercise for a long time now but it never seems to happen, you’re in good company. It’s almost the time of year when masses of people make “resolutions” to start exercising again. “Resolution” is defined as “a firm decision to do or not to do something.” And yet, very few people stick with their “firm” decisions to change their life come January 1st. If you might be one of those people, I’m going to make a wacky suggestion. Why wait until January 1st? You are really not going to get any magical willpower when you wake up on January 1st. If you are really ready to change your life, why not start today? There will always be something going on to get in your way of making a choice to live better: holidays, birthdays, anniversaries, reunions… So why wait? If you wait for things to be exactly right, you’ll find they never are. Instead of telling yourself you are going to take care of your body some day, what if you tell yourself some day starts today.

30 Day Jumpstart Challenge

It’s time to start mastering movement. Today I’d like to encourage you to challenge yourself to move a little more. And I’ve got just the thing to help you get off to a good start. You don’t need any equipment. You don’t need a gym. You don’t need a lot of time. You don’t even need to pay me for the program! Just sign up for updates from life.unlabeled. in the sidebar → (or let me know you’re an existing subscriber) and I’ll send you a discount code to download it for FREE! It’s a 30 day program to give your body a jumpstart. I hope that once you make it through you’ll be energized and motivated to continue on and add more movement to your life.

What I have put together is a set of instructions and a suggested progress plan to help you master the 8 best basic exercises that use only the weight of your body and proper technique to strengthen and tone. The 8 exercises I have chosen are those that I feel are the most effective and efficient basic moves you can learn without equipment. Once you master the basics, there are countless variations you can learn to step up the intensity or focus of any given move.

30 Day Jumpstart Challenge

The basic idea is to work all of your major muscle groups starting at a pace that is comfortable and adding just a little bit each day for a month. By the end of the month you will be amazed at what you can do and how empowered you feel. Every move is thoroughly explained to make sure you use proper technique and body mechanics. If you are a visual learner, you can watch the short instructional videos I have made to go along with each move (see links below). If you are willing and able to follow the recommended schedule, you’ll start with just 1 minute of light cardio warm-up, 3 push-ups, 3 squats, 3 bench dips, 3 glute bridges, 6 plank rows, 6 lunges, a 10 second basic plank, and 6 jackknives. When you’ve come through on the other side, you should be able to do 10 minutes of light cardio warm-up, 45 push-ups, 45 squats, 45 bench dips, 45 glute bridges, 90 plank rows, 90 lunges, a 2 minute basic plank, and 90 jackknives. And you’ll have a body that feels great and is mastering movement!

30 Day Jumpstart Challenge

To learn more about each exercise in the program, visit these links:

Download your copy and start mastering movement today!

If you’re ready to get start mastering movement, download this simple program today. The 30-day Jumpstart Challenge is just $2.99. BUT…you don’t even need to pay me! Just sign up for updates from life.unlabeled. in the sidebar → (or let me know you’re an existing subscriber) and I’ll send you a discount code to download it for FREE!

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