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vegan layered bean dip.

vegan layered bean dip

After finally trying and loving a spin on vegan cheesy sauce, visions of vegan layered bean dip danced in my head. I have an unfortunate affection for (translation: addiction to) tortilla chips in spite of their obviously oil-drenched inappropriateness for fitting into an otherwise healthy diet. Maybe I rationalize them as my guilty pleasure…or my attempt to make sure my health-nut status isn’t too over the top…or shall I call it what it is? Hello, my name is Jessi, and I have a chip problem. Continue reading

crockpot sweet bean burritos.

sweet bean burritos

This time of year things can get so hectic it’s easy to end up unprepared for dinner and resorting to unhealthy convenience foods. Along with the added stress of the holiday seasons, as we celebrate with friends and family we also tend to overindulge in unhealthy, fatty foods and lots of sweets. Not surprisingly, this time of year is also known for an increase in the occurrence of colds and flus. We create a perfect storm sort of a situation. Stress hormones are at large wreaking havoc on our bodies. The bloodstream is crowded with an abundance of unhealthy fats, compromising the flow of nutrients and energy to our cells. The immune system is further weakened up to 40% for 3-4 hours after consumption of refined sugars. So taking the time to feed your family well is even more important than usual right now. Continue reading


black beans

about beans.

Beans have gotten kind of a bad rap due to their high fiber content, but that high fiber content is one of the factors that makes beans so amazing. While the typical American falls sorely short of recommended fiber intake on any given day, just one cup of beans easily gets you halfway there. We all know that maintaining a healthy weight is one of the most important factors in preventing disease. Beans to the rescue! The fiber in a cup of beans keeps you full longer than other foods with equivalent calories, which can help to cut calories without feeling deprived. In combination with all of the other beneficial nutrients provided by beans, this helps to keep your digestive system moving, your blood sugar balanced, and your cardiovascular system healthy.

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