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mastering movement.

Some Day Starts Today

Yoga. Pilates. Aerobics. Zumba. Crossfit. There are a lot of ways to get your body moving. When I was a little girl I had “Get In Shape Girl” cassette tapes and I would dance around my room pretending to be the instructor. I’m guessing you’re not interested in twirling around the room to an 80s-era children’s exercise routine, but whatever your style, move you must. Our bodies were designed for movement. Modern culture has developed such that movement is not always a required part of our daily routine, but it is no less necessary. Bodies that don’t move become bodies that can’t move. Movement in one form or another stretches tight ligaments, muscles, and joints and releases tension – both physio- and psychological. So unless you still live a life without modern transportation and filled with manual labor, you need to find a way to move a little more each day. Your exercise routine doesn’t have to have a label…sorry, I couldn’t resist . You don’t need a gym membership or even any equipment. Go for a walk. Chase your kids around the backyard. Explore different routines and find what energizes you. Learn some basic moves from various exercise programs and use them to help you get moving throughout the day. Continue reading

the best move to tighten your waistline.

Want to tighten your waistline? The obliques are the muscles located at the sides of your abs, along the rib cage. Toning the obliques is key to a tight, fit waistline. The problem is that many of the moves designed to work the obliques involve twisting the upper body and improper form can cause injury and compromise results. The side jackknife is a slow, simple, and very effective movement targeted at the obliques. Continue reading

plank rows for upper body fitness.

plank rows

Given the right equipment and enough resolve, the chin-up/pull-up is superior to most other upper body workouts. But…not everyone has something to pull up from…and not everyone wants to work that hard! While no single move that I know of will have the same effect, the plank row comes very close to working the same muscles without the Spartan-like determination, strength, and confidence. The basic plank is a deceptively difficult move by itself. Making it a plank row by adding an alternating row makes the move even more challenging in terms of balance (improving your core strength and stability) and adds another element of shoulder, chest, and upper back work. Continue reading

how to do lunges.


Lunges are a good exercise for improving your balance while working the muscles of your upper legs and glutes. The stabilization required engages your core muscles, multiplying the effectiveness of the move. Learn how to do lunges correctly to get the best results and avoid injury. Continue reading

how to do a basic plank.

basic plank

The basic plank is an isolation move that engages a good majority of the muscles in your body but the primary focus will be on your core muscles. Conditioning your back and abs not only helps you to look better and stand straighter, when toned and healthy, these two muscle groups make us feel good all over. Continue reading

how to do bench dips.

bench dips

One good way to prevent your triceps from sagging is by toning them with bench dips. As with most bodyweight exercises, you get more than just one benefit out of the bench dip. You’ll also work your shoulder, chest, and core muscles. The position of your body in relation to the bench determines which muscles are worked the hardest during the exercise. Continue reading

how to do squats.


Your upper legs and glutes are powerful fat burning machines when in prime condition. Squatting is a basic human movement, but many of us have poor habits and/or weak muscles to support the movement. The major muscles worked in the squat are your upper legs and glutes, but to perform a squat well you must also engage your core muscles to prevent lower back injuries.
Continue reading

8 push-up variations.

Push Ups

If you want a sculpted upper body, the good old fashioned push-up is your secret weapon. Here are 8 push-up variations that not only work muscles in your arms, chest, shoulders, and back, they also require the use of your core muscles, engaging your entire upper body. Continue reading

how to make time for exercise.

No Shortcuts

“I don’t have time to exercise” is probably one of the most common excuses for not making exercise a part of our lives. We really have maxed ourselves out these days, but we have to find ways to take care of our bodies. We make time for the things that are most important to us. So I encourage you today to evaluate your life and see where you can find some time to get your body moving. It doesn’t have to be an hour long workout 5 days a week. Just learn how to make time for exercise somewhere in your day. It can be something simple like the 3 simple moves to tighten & tone that I shared last week. Or you can work it into your other daily routines. Continue reading

3 simple moves to tighten and tone.


We were built to move. In today’s busy world it is easy to find yourself wrapped up in so many things that you feel you’ve run out of time for any purposeful exercise. Muscles that aren’t used quickly lose strength, flexibility, and tone. We are left feeling weak, prone to joint pain and injuries, and unmotivated to do anything about it. Many sign up for gym memberships, only to drop out in the first three to six months (according to a 2003 study published in the European Journal of Sports Science) because it’s just too much to add to our already busy lives. Continue reading