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split pea, lima bean, and mushroom soup.

split pea lima bean and mushroom soup recipe

Today is a good day. The weather is beautiful. The house is clean. The boys are  resting. Dinner is made. And it’s only 3 pm. The day is young! Continue reading

grilled un-cheese sandwiches.

grilled un-cheese sandwiches

I recently read “What Should Food Bloggers Write About?” by Lindsay at Pinch of Yum and it made me realize that I don’t have to write exclusively about my illusions of culinary ninja skills.  Starting life.unlabeled. was a result of my personal desires to have an outlet for creativity and to share what I know about real food and real health from life, research, and formal studies.  But ultimately I do what I do every breakfast, lunch, and dinner not so that I can write about it but so that I can take the best care of the sweet little bodies I’ve been given the privilege of caring for.  It is my hope and prayer that someday what I have to offer will also benefit someone outside my little world.  But for now, I am quite happy serving my family.  All that to say, “you’ve been warned.”  If you’re following my posts, it could get personal… Continue reading

mushroom guacamole burgers.

mushroom guacamole burger

One of my husband’s favorite meals has always been a hamburger.  While no burger made from veggies will ever taste the same as its animal-based counterpart, these are his favorite replacement.  The mushrooms make them savory.  The oats give them chewable-ness (hmmm, I suppose there’s a real word for that?).  The guacamole makes them irresistible.   My youngest son likes his “bedgie boogers” without a bun…but you can have it your way. Continue reading



about mushrooms.

I’ll be honest.  I don’t love mushrooms.  Who ever decided eating something that falls in the fungus category would be a good idea?  Fungus.  Ewww.  BUT…I love mushrooms that are cleverly disguised.  I’m plenty old enough to get past the fact that there’s something large, brown, and slimy in my food, but apparently I’m not mature enough to handle it.  The good news is that those techniques that help to trick encourage kids (and husbands!) to eat foods that look or feel strange work on me too…even though I’m the chef!  For almost all dishes I prepare with mushrooms, I dice the mushrooms very small…almost minced.  If you have a more mature palate, feel free to leave larger pieces! Continue reading